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Get Clear on Your Purpose, Organize Your Ideas, Find Your Authentic Voice, and Put a Strategy Behind Your Messaging So it Influences and Impacts the Right Audience More Deeply

Dear Torchbearer -

If you don’t know what to put on your website…  

If you’re unsure how to communicate what you do and how you help people…  

If you want to find your voice or authentic message to share in your organization and with the world …  

If you’ve stayed stuck for the last few years...had some great ideas and big dreams, but poor follow-through and lots of fear….  

If you feel lost—like you lack clear and focused direction….  

If you’ve recently thought “Who am I, anyway?” or “How can I serve a client who fits me better instead of the people who buy from me now?”...  

Then I have a program I’d like to talk to you about. This powerhouse combo has been a game-changer for many.  

But, first… 

I want to share with you why you might feel the way you do.  

The people I’ve worked with get stuck because:  

  • They have varied expertise and experience and don’t know how to connect the dots, so they can truly share a focused message  
  • They’re wondering: “Is it okay to be me?” and can’t make a decision until someone else gives them 1) affirmation or 2) permission  
  • They have many ideas and are afraid to pick the wrong one  
  • They don’t want to niche down on one idea or message, but don’t know how to “make them all work”  
  • They’re no longer passionate or lit up by what they’re doing, but don’t know what to do next  
  • They lack confidence in what they have to offer and insight into who they are and what talents they naturally possess  
  • They have walls up that were put there by themselves or someone else that keep them from expanding

If “they” sounds just like “you”…

Then, I’m going to introduce you to my signature method of breaking through the chaos and mental clutter, figuring out the core of who you are and what your message is, and creating a personal brand strategy that informs every decision you make, so you impact and reach the right audience.

This method is really 3 simple steps I call:  


Discover it.


Learn how to communicate it.


Turn it into action.

And I’m going to show you how to apply these steps to your career and message in the Voice of Influence Academy, so you create the right strategy to lead you towards greater confidence, growth, and impact  

Introducing the Voice of Influence Course and Leadership Coaching Program that helps you:


Discover your true passion, signature style, and authentic message and how to infuse them into your thought leadership platform, online or offline.  


Learn how to communicate your unique value and contribution to your industry or company in a way that makes sense to you and those you serve.


Create a personal brand strategy AND actionable steps so you increase your reach and make the difference you were born to make


  • Gain confidence in who you are and what you offer, because you’ve identified your core values, strengths, mission, and vision  
  • Make decisions more easily, because you know your “why” and “where you’re going” and aren’t waiting for people to affirm you or give you permission  
  • Establish credibility and thought leadership, so people more readily trust you and pay attention to what you have to say  
  • Attract new opportunities with colleagues and industry influencers, because you automatically know how you can best serve them and how they can best serve you  
  • Increase your sales, because you’re clear on your offering and know what you need to do to authentically market and network in your industry  
  • Reach your business goals, because you can now put together a step-by-step action plan and strategy that aligns with who you are  
  • Make a good first impression, because you know what your most influential traits are  
  • Overcome your fears of rejection and failure and move outside of your comfort zone, because you know the type of tasks that best suit you, the exact words to use to introduce yourself and your offering, and the type of audience who most resonates with you 

Author, Speaker, and Strategist with an MA in Counseling Ministries Reveals What Torchbearers Should Do When They Start Creating Change, But Don’t Do Until They Realize They Aren't Gaining Traction  

Hi, I'm Andrea Wenburg.

So many people initiate change without a clear message and strategy which results in a lack of focus, clarity, and direction which results in a lack of impact, influence, reach, and even sales.  

Personal brand strategy is the work people should do at the beginning of their change initiative or business, but usually wait until they're in the middle of it to work through. It’s then that they realize they're spraying a bunch of arrows at many different targets and waiting to see what they hit instead of strategically grabbing an arrow and knowing how to aim, exactly what target to shoot at, and how to hit the bullseye.  

As the founder of the Voice of Influence podcast and academy and author of UNFROZEN: Stop Holding Back and Release the Real You, I work with clients to help them discover and develop their Voice of Influence and how to apply it in the real world.  

I help you discover how to clearly communicate your message and present yourself to the world so you can impact and influence the people you’re meant to.  

Here’s what you’ll learn inside The Voice of Influence Academy:  

1. Discover Your Passion

Your passion is not something that fulfills you, it's something you're willing to pour yourself out for. Once you identify the passion (or "why") that fuels you, you can harness its power to propel your personal brand and business. In this module, you’ll learn a number of things, including: 


  • How to find your purpose and discover (or rediscover) what lights you up
  • A super simple way to cut through the clutter and figure out what you’re passionate about 
  • Exactly how to unpack and articulate your vision, mission, and passion statements
  • The strategist’s way to turn your passion into a product, offering, blog post, or business  
  • Determine your core values, so you can make better, more intentional decisions faster 

2. Uncover Your Style 

Find out what makes you (and your message) unique and compelling. Your style reveals how others view you at your best and how you naturally guide them. In this module, you’ll:  

  • Discover your “unique selling point” and the exact words to use to get people to resonate with you, respect you, and trust you
  • Get FREE access to the #1 branding professional Sally Hogshead’s Fascinate Advantage personality test and a NEW WAY of measuring how people perceive your communication and how to use that for your advantage (seriously, the report you receive at the end of this will be invaluable to you and your business) 
  • Learn how to interpret your style and use it without feeling “boxed in” (if you’ve ever said “I hate personality tests because they put people in boxes and everyone is unique,” you NEED this module) 
  • Gain insight into why you’re the way you are and why that’s not such a bad thing (go through this module and you’ll understand how even your bad habits and quirks can be turned around and used to attract new business or audience members) 
  • Discover how to get over the fear of “what if I annoy people?” or “what if people vocally disagree with me and I make them angry?” and so much more….  

3. Identify and Articulate Your Core Message

Uncover and refine the message you’re uniquely equipped to share that will resonate with the audience you’re meant to reach. I created a stealth, easy-to-follow system (that I call Arrowhead Alignment) to help you focus in on your core message while also helping you incorporate other messages you care about.  

(If you are passionate about a lot of different messages or have a lot of ideas for offerings, this module will show you how to uncover your core message and connect the other messages or offerings you care about to it in a way that makes sense). 

  • Learn how to structure and backup your messages so they carry weight with those who hear you
  • Discover the Voice of Influence method of delivering messages so your audience (one or many) will be open to hearing you, willing to consider your message and energized to engage with the change you propose.

If you buy the course, you'll have access to the full course for one year.  

So, how much is your investment?  

Choose from two convenient payment options:  

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Get a Clear and Solid Sense of How to Effectively Advocate for the Change You Envision  

"I signed up for the Voice of Influence Academy hoping to get some focus in my business, because I have way too many ideas running through my head. My goal was to come away with a consistent message to build from, but I have gained so much more. 

Andrea’s course really challenged me to explore what was most important to me, and how to develop my core message from that. She was able to bring up possibilities that I had never seen or thought about pursuing before, but ended up being the perfect fit for what I wanted to do. Andrea truly leads you in the exploration of your voice, and helps you tap into it with confidence. 

I cannot recommend this course enough. I’m already putting my voice out there on social media, and the response from my followers and clients is so rewarding. More than anything I’ve experienced through other programs or on my own! I’m looking forward to developing more and cannot wait to see how I grow because of what I’ve learned in the Voice of Influence Academy, because I know it’s going to be amazing." 

Beth Jones


Andrea has a true passion for helping others gain a clear awareness of what their true message is. She helps you find the path to being your own spokesperson.  

Your messages may be hidden in the shadow of thick brambles. You may not hear your own voice among the cacophony of life's noise. You need a guide can help you uncover them, untangle them, and unleash them. Andrea can be your guide.

Espen Klausen, Ph.D. Psychologist and Speaker espenklausen.com 

"Before I went through the Voice of Influence Academy, I was unclear about the direction of my personal brand. I didn't know how to combine my multiple passions and messages into a cohesive direction with offerings that made sense together. This made creating content - social media posts, blog posts, and website copy for my own business - increasingly difficult, so I essentially stopped doing it and pressed pause. The problem was - I pressed pause for too long and so, while I carried on in one direction, it was half-hearted and incomplete. 

After going through the Voice of Influence Academy, I've been able to see the common thread between my multiple passions and message and identify a clear direction going forward. I've learned so much about what my strengths are, how to lead from them, and how to position myself in the marketplace so that I attract the audience I truly want to serve. The Voice of Influence Academy is the "big picture" personal brand strategy course that everyone needs. I believe everyone should go through this before they brand their business, rebrand their business, hire a designer, or hire a copywriter. It's that GOOD and it'll make every other business decision thereafter soooo much easier and quicker! It's helped me with personal development, business development, and message development in a way that no other book, course, or coaching session has." 

Holly Mthethwa, Author and Copywriter, ruggedandredeemed.com 

"I am never short of amazed at Andrea's thoughtful, insightful analysis and approach to interpersonal relationships and human dynamics in individual, group, and professional settings. 

I greatly value her insight and opinions, especially when I’m faced with a challenging human dynamics issue both personally and professionally.

Brock Wurl www.nphlawoffices.com 

"The value of the Voice of Influence Academy is timeless. 

I'm glad I didn't wait until I was ready, because I never would be. Taking the course prepared me to BE READY, when the moment was upon me.  

During my editing phase of my book, I relied back on the worksheets and framework from Andrea's coursework to really drive the emotions of my message and drive them into my book."  

Linette Bumford, Author of "Getting There" linettebumford.com 

"What I’ve learned in Voices of Influence has already broken through some walls that has kept me from moving forward with my online course. 

Andrea’s insight and method has asked the right questions so that I’m driven to pursue my passion, instead of hiding behind fear. 

It’s been pivotal to getting myself out the sand trap I was stuck in.”

Sandra Gilder, DPT TheMoveMethod.com 

"Andrea guided me through this journey to find my Voice of Influence. She has an uncanny knack of asking questions that challenged me to mine the depths of my heart. 

It's easy to live on a surface level, but if we want to make an impact with our voice, we must dig deep. This starts within our own hearts, our own worldview, and our own perspectives. Andrea does a fantastic job of asking those probing questions that helps you dig deep, and even though it's sometimes uncomfortable, the outcome is so worth it! 

I'm a changed person by going through the Voice of Influence Academy, and I would recommend it to anybody who is wanting to own their voice so they can make a significant impact in their corner of the world."

Jessica Van Roekel welcomegrace.com

Business coaches and marketing professionals agree. 

“This is THE course every entrepreneur, influencer, and business owner needs!”  

April Beach 


Wes Gay


The Voice of Influence Academy is

  • Any message-driven business owner ready to go through a rebrand or looking for a personal brand strategist to help create a consistent and clear brand message 
  • The coach, consultant, designer, or course creator who wants to get clear on your ideal client avatar and what to put on your website 
  • The writer trying to find your voice and audience so you can write a book that truly impacts 
  • The internal champion in a 9-5 who wants to rediscover your passion, so you can lead change initiatives and release the potential of others in your organization
  • The leader looking for greater self-awareness and a better way to communicate with clients and colleagues 
  • The world-changer who lacks confidence or is afraid to step up and use your voice of influence  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long do I have access to the program videos and community?

You will have access to this course throughout your coaching program contract. Course-only purchases are for 12 month access.

Q. Can I cancel my membership if I need to? 

I offer a 30 day money back guarantee for course-only participants. To cancel your membership within that time period, simply send an email to support@andreajoywenburg.com.

Ready to make the most of your voice and offerings?  

Join the Voice of Influence Academy NOW  

"Your life of influence is only lived once. Let it ring with a message true to who you are."