How do you fascinate?

Fascinate Advantage® Report


Fascinate Advantage® Report

Your full Fascinate Advantage® Report (regular price = $47)


  • Your top two Fascinate Advantages® and your archetype
  • Discover how your voice is most likely to captivate others.
  • Learn your dormant advantage and why it is so draining for you to use.
  • Find specific words to describe who you are and the special contribution you make to others.
  • Your report analytics so you can see nuances of your voice (how strong each advantage shows up in you) and how your voice is different than the rest of the 1,000,000+ people who have taken the assessment.
  • A short (about 3 minutes) video of Fascinate® creator Sally Hogshead explaining your specific archetype.

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Your Fascinating Voice
5 Day Mini-Course

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Fascinate Advantage® Report

"Your Fascinating Voice" Course

Take your Fascinate Advantage® report to the next level with this self-study 5 day mini-course, comprised of videos and worksheets, delivered to your email inbox.


  • Your Full Fascinate Advantage® Report
  • Video training to help you make sense of and utilize your Fascinate Advantage® Report to your advantage
  • Video training to help you understand each of the 7 Fascinate Advantages as they relate to having a Voice of Influence
  • Create your own personal Anthem™ (tagline) that expresses you at your best, to bring focus to your purpose, message and personal brand.
  • Discover how you can continue to grow into the fullness of your unique, authentic and fascinating voice.

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Fascinate® Advantage
5 Week Program


Fascinate® Advantage Report

"Your Fascinating Voice" Course

5, 60 Minute
Voice-Coaching Calls 
3 Additional Fascinate Advantage® Reports

Explore your voice as it relates to the Fascinate Advantage® system in a one on one, developmental setting with Andrea Joy Wenburg, M.A. a Fascinate Certified Advisor.

Choose Your Personal Goals


  • 5, 60 minute calls
  • Your Full Fascinate® Advantage Report
  • Access to the "Your Fascinating Voice" course material.
  • Customized Video, created to explain your personal Fascinate® Advantages and expert insights
  • Create your own personal Anthem™ (tagline) that expresses you at your best, to bring focus to your purpose, message and personal brand.
  • Personalized copy (words) to help you describe and differentiate what you do and what you bring to your clients and customers.
  • Discover new ways of communicating in person and online to break through obstacles and connect with the people who need what you have to offer.
  • Communication and personal development that transforms the way you interact with others.
  • Conflict Resolution and Prevention
  • Explore the message and delivery of your creative project 
  • *BONUS* 3 Additional Fascinate Advantage® Reports for you to offer to others close to you.

"Learning that I am the Maverick Leader helped me see that I don't need to fight with my natural inclination to lead with a strong sense of innovation. It amuses me that the second chapter of my book UNFROZEN basically describes me as a kid-Maverick Leader. It seemed to me that I should try to be like other people, but as I matured I realized the incredible value of being who I am - who I'm created to be. Now I'm on an epic journey to step into the fullness of who I am and express that with a voice that doesn't repel others, but draws them in with my authentic, respectful style.
I want to help you do the same."

Andrea Joy Wenburg, M.A. 
Archetype: The Maverick Leader
Anthem: Compelling Communication Strategy