Impact By Design: Authentic Personal Branding

Marketing is about connecting and making an impact.

I help you find, develop and position your message, products and services so they express who you are and connect with the people who need them.

I believe in you and your message

and I can help you communicate it so it resonates with your audience.

Your style matters.

When you discover and develop how and why you are different from others, you will communiate with more confidence, empathy and purpose. You'll stand out as an authority in your area of expertise and make an impact that is nothing less than extraordinary. 

Your Message Matters.

And it matters more when you go through the process of uncovering, refining, defining and then learning to utilize your core message. 

You know you have something to say, but creatives often struggle to choose or bring a clear focus to their message and experts struggle to find the right words. It doesn't have to be so hard or take so long. 

Your Strategy Matters.

Whether you're creating a course, writing a book or delivering a speech, it's easy to get bogged down in development and never reach completion, or worse, to end up with a finished product that doesn't communicate and make an impact. You need a game-changing perspective to tighten and up-level your creative content. 

Then when you are ready to promote your work, you need a solid strategy forward that fits your gifts, peronality and message.  

What Others Are Saying

"While there are numerous business coaches, Andrea delivers support, programs and consulting in a much needed and frequently overlooked area - the defining of one’s purpose and calling. So many people launch a business or projects only to fall out of love with what they’re doing. Andrea’s coaching will help you find your passion and light the way for a future you’re sure to love."

April Beach, Business Coach & Strategist

"Andrea helped me connect the dots between what is in my heart and what my core message is. She helped me see what I naturally do and say and showed me how I could turn that into a clear, profitable, and helpful message that resonates with my audience. She's an unlocker: she takes the big vision, unravels it, and then shows you how to practically make that vision a reality."  

Holly Mthethwa, Author/Blogger/Copywriter

"Andrea is an amazing listener. She listens with purpose. I've been so impressed with her insight and ability to recognize the ideas and topics that not only inspire me, but motivate me to do more. Speaking with Andrea has been such an encouragement. I felt very understood and known. She helped me see that my voice and perspective mattered. She gave me concrete strategies to help me put my abstract ideas into action. Andrea has a gift, and she will help you discover yours."

Jessica Samuelson, Educator

"Andrea is absolutely brilliant! She intuitively releases the greatness of those around her in everything she does. Through her deep care she creatively and strategically positions others to live their message in epic proportion!"

Laurie Hock, Strengths Coach

"Every time I've spoken with Andrea, her passion for equipping others to excel in business and ministry shines through. She has helped me reorganize my business around my key strengths and subsequently provided me with time freedom I did not have before and focused clarity as I move forward in all I do. " 

Lindsey Hartz, Book Launch Consultant

"I have participated in the most amazing treasure hunt, guided by Andrea Wenburg. She has assisted me in unwrapping the treasures with which God has gifted me, in order that I might most effectively impact the world through writing, speaking, and spiritual direction. Andrea is preparing me to move strategically forward with my personal offerings, so that others might be drawn to the unfailing love of God."

Cathy Buchanan, Blogger/Spiritual Director/Teacher

Are you ready to offer your work to the world? Start with a deep-dive strategy session.

Start with a deep-dive strategy session. We'll talk for 90 minutes so I can get to know you, your goals and the obstacles you are facing so we can prioritize the most important and relevant issues to conquer on the call, whether that be outlining content for your creative project, finding words for you to use on your website and social media or determining what next steps to take toward choosing what direction to head with your message or expertise.

The deep-dive strategy session includes 2 hours of additional work from me, either in review of your content or in creating detailed notes or elements of your brand positioning guide.

If you're looking for a full Voice of Influence Brand Positioning Experience & Guide to move you from where you are to where you want to go, sign up for the Intensive or email me at andrea@andreajoywenburg for more information.

Emotional Intelligence + Strategy

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